Dana Simon’s Portfolio

Figure of seated man fills right side of canvas, striped cat on lower left.
A three quarters front view of female face facing left.

Artwork from the Metropolitan Museum Drawing Workshop


Image jug is on left and glass on right.

Still Life

This still life was painted on an iPad. the patterned jug on the left contrasts with the green wine glass on the right.The below article is on the New York Public Library blog page. The Art of Drawing When One… Continue Reading Still Life

Image of Dancer, two wood cut-outs of a head and body the body has one leg and no arms, painted in dark pink.

Breakthrough: Three dimensional paintings

Dana Simon’s work is figurative, and her vibrant energetic colors conveys great feeling.  Working with materials like wood, Plexiglas and plaster life casts, she has created a way to break through limits set by the two dimensional form.  Dana Simon… Continue Reading Breakthrough: Three dimensional paintings