Inside Outside

An odd shaped canvas. From the top to bottom, a plaster cast of part of a woman's face, below is a piece of wood and then a small rectangular canvas with a painted spiral is mounted on top of the main canvas. Wood sticks protrude from the canvas.
“Inside Outside”, Life cast, Acrylic on custom shaped canvas, 43”h x 29”w, copyright 1991 by Dana Simon.

This is an exciting piece that is one of my early “Combines” that includes a life cast balance upon wood and a small canvas. It is a touchable work. Lots of shapes and relief elements.


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dis An art exhibition

An image of red hand on gold background
Beacons: Red Hand 5 copyright by Annie Leist

I was struck by the painting “Beacons” by artist Annie Leist; she captures the red pedestrian signal light as a beacon, and also paints other images from the city streets. This is also true for me,
As I slowly lose my vision all I might see is this lighted red hand as I walk up the street.

Next weekend is Disability Pride Parade weekend and there will be artist talks, Saturday July 8, 2017 at the exhibition of dis, a group exhibition featuring work by several artists experiencing and exploring disability.

Saturday, July 8, 2017 : Artist talk at dis the inaugural exhibition of Art Beyond Sight’s
Art and Disability Institute
The Gallery at Industry City, 274 36th St., Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NY 11232

Julia Yepez
12:30 pm
Artist talk

Emilie Gossiaux and Annie Leist
1:00 – 2:30 pm

Verbal description tour including their work.

Anthony Ptak
3:00 pm
Performance piece
Gordon Sasaki
4:00 pm
Touch tour

Gema Alava
5:00 pm
“Inspiring Audiences,” a performative and interactive lecture.
June 22 – July 22, 2017
Gallery Hours: Wed-Sat noon-6pm, and by appointment

three paintings, each of a diffrent wheelchair
The paintings by artist Gordon Sasaki, each of a wheelchair against a colorful patterned background gave me a new perspective on the interesting idea of a wheelchair as a subject, and its importance to the artist for mobility.

Art Beyond Sight
Dedalus foundation
Disability Pride Org

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Meet the blind artist who has deeper connection with art after accidentb

I want to share this video from the Today Show about Emilie Gossiaux, she teaches several of our classes at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Emilie Gossiaux lost her sight after a bike accident, but that is not stopping her from pursuing her passions of painting and sculpting.

Link to Today Show video


Note: There is a short commercial at beginning of video

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O teachers of Athens, do something with those eyes!

My eyes are opened wide by this insightful article written by artist Fotis Flevotomos, who has spread the word about Art and Low Vision. First, in New York when he spent a year as a Fulbright visiting artist at the New York Public Library, and now he has returned to Greece to teach multi-sensory workshops with the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center and the Benaki Museum.