Dana’s Artworks

Stuffed red armchair on lower left, a round table with a flower in a vase on right, fragments of dancing forms on upper background swirls of color all around.

Interior with Matisse dancers, water soluble pastels on paper, 18” x 24”, copyright 2016 Dana Simon. inspired by a verbal description of Matisse’s artwork, has a painting of dancers in the background.

Image jug is on left and glass on right.

Jug and Green Glass. iPad painting, copyright 2013 by Dana Simon

Image of Celestial Vibration

Celestial Vibration: Life casts, mixed media on canvas. 32 in. x 40 in. copyright Dana Simon 1990. Branches, twigs and other elements swirl and radiate around the Serene face of a woman that floats in an aqua and shadowy pool.

Image  of Dancer, two wood cut-outs of a head and body the body has one leg and no arms, painted in dark pink.

Dancer, (front view) Mobile of wood/ wire and acrylic, 70“ x 40”, copyright Dana Simon 1992 — The female form spins beneath the face, creating a feeling of grace and motion.

Image of Fish Jumped Over the Cat, figure of seated man fills right side of canvas, striped cat on lower left.

Fish Jumped Over the Cat: Lifecasts, mixed media on canvas. 32 in. x 26 in., copyright Dana Simon 1990. — A seated figure is playing with a bold black and white striped cat. The mystery fish is somewhere in the background.

 Image of Spiral. Painted yellow spiral, there is a life cast of a face in bottom left and a foot in upper right. Painting is painted with many brush strokes of swirling colors.

Spiral: Life casts, mixed media on canvas. 38 in.x 52 in. copyright Danasimon 1990. An astral yellow spiral painted on a sextant (six sided) frame. Fragments of a figure whirl inside the spiral into infinity.

Image of Soundwave, there are lifecasts of a foot, hand and cut wood pieces are scattered about the  painting.

Soundwaves, Lifecasts/ wood/ wire/ acrylic on canvas, 40“ x 40”, copyright 1988 by Dana Simon — Representing a person that is blowing in a wave of sound. Fragments of a figure are scattered throughout the painting.

There are lifecasts of  faces, a leg, a arm, buttocks, breasts, and cut word cut out are also in the canvas.

Yellow Sheets. Lifecasts, wood, acrylic on canvas. 66“ x 90”. copyright 1987 by Dana Simon. Fragments of a man and woman, including lifecasts of faces, buttocks and breasts are tangled up in painted yellow sheets. Brightly painted pillows are at the top.