Desire: interacting at the exhibition Nobody Promised You Tomorrow: Art 50 Years After Stonewall

Standing by the sculpture, notice the big crease from the middle going down to right side.

The exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum presents twenty-eight LGBTQ+ artists born after 1969 whose works grapple with the unique conditions of our political time, and question how moments become monuments. We visited several artworks during our verbal tour at the Brooklyn Museum. In the section called “Desire” we explored a sculpture by artist Constantina Zavitsanos, which was a memory foam mattress cover that was in the artist’s bedroom, not something that one would think of as a sculpture. I felt the curves and indentations of the various lovers that had slept on this Mattress sculpture, including hairs and crumbs! The bed as a canvas explores sexuality and desire and in this case in the LGBTQ community and Stonewall uprising in New York City. It makes me think about how times have change since then, but people still struggle today.
The exhibition is on view until December 2019 , at the
Brooklyn Museum
See also the painting of a couple entwined in the sheets by Dana Simon on this website, not in the museum!

Yellow Sheets