Playing with Collage


smiling female with brown hair sits next to artwork on table

Here we are; exploring collage at the Seeing Through Drawing workshop at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

two red lips, left is closed, right is open

Jeff Koons Lips, 2000 Oil on canvas.

I like the idea of juxtaposing images in a new context as seen in Jeff Koons Lips. This painting shows two views of lips, one closed and one open, on a floral pattern background. Love the idea of changing the face and playing with it. Koons incorporates images of mass culture such as advertising and children’s toys into his art. Below is a collage I made, cutting up the face and playing with it.
Cut-outs outs of eyes, nose and lips are arranged randomly surrounded by swirls of color paint

“Play with the face”, collage with paint on paper, copyright 2017 by Dana Simon