Still Life

Image jug is on left and glass on right.
Image jug is on left and glass on right.

Jug and Green Glass. iPad painting, copyright 2013 by Dana Simon

This still life was painted on an iPad. the patterned jug on the left contrasts with the green wine glass on the right.The below article is on the New York Public Library blog page.

The Art of Drawing When One is Blind or Has Low Vision

by Dana Simon, May 10, 2013

With my hand, I touch the outside, or contour, of a small ceramic jug, a container for cream. I slowly trace the curve of the rim, continuing to the pointed lip. I put down the jug, and pick up a piece of charcoal or a soft pastel. I draw round curves, recreating what I see in my mind’s eye, moving my hand across the paper, keeping pace with my inner vision.
I return to the small jug and begin again; tracing the contours of the round, squat body. But alas, when I try to return to the spot on the paper to begin drawing again, I have lost my spot! I cannot find it on the page. For I have low-vision and I just see some disconnected lines. I must devise a method to go back; perhaps if I put down the piece of charcoal to mark my spot? Yes, that works. I return to the small jug and begin again bit by bit I recreate the form, through touch, absorbing the shape, and then drawing it on the paper. Always keeping the pastel on the page to mark my spot, because if I don’t I may not find it again.

Years ago when my vision was better, I used to love drawing the contours of objects, the human figure, both nude and clothed with my eyes. My eyes would slowly follow the contours of what I was looking at and then, I would recreate what I saw on the paper. . .


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