Museum Access

Museum Access Consortium
Advancing accessibility at New York’s cultural institutions for people of all abilities.
Art Beyond Sight – Art Education for the Blind
It’s mission is to make art, art history, and visual culture accessible to people who are blind or visually impaired.

Articles about Art and Low vision

Continue Painting with Vision Loss – VisionAware
If you are considering taking up painting as a hobby or resuming your prior artistic pursuits, you can draw inspiration from a number of well-known artists who also had vision problems and persevered with their art. Claude Monet and Edgar Degas, in particular, wrote extensively about the effects of vision loss on their lives and on their art.

Articles by Artists with Low Vision

Artist Fotis Flevotomos
Fotis flevotomos is an artist with low vision, who is organizing and presenting access programs at museum and cultural centers in Athens, Greece.
He has also written several interesting articles on art and low vision.
How to Paint Guide
A FEW SIMPLE TIPS ON PAINTING WITH LOW VISION. By Barrie Goodfellow, registered blind artist. Painting is a very enjoyable pastime ,,,

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