Spray It, Don’t Say It!

Dana stands with artwork on wall and on table

Dana Simon stands with her artwork

Dana on lef and Tony on right

Dana Simon and Tony Cruz looking at spray painting


I was reliving my youth at the graffiti workshop at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Tony Cruz led the workshop and we used small spray bottles filled with liquid paint and large paint markers. I used to make fun letters out of spelling my name and it all came back to me; big round letters with little round circles for the middle. Of course, this was done without seeing or little vision and we got lots of verbal description in the Seeing Through Drawing workshop.


About Tony Cruz our instructor:

Preserving his powerful and influential urban 80s Hip Hop cultural art-form. Award winning multi-talent Tony Cruz, who goes by the tag name RAM 2 – of the famed 1980s crew Six Train Boys, is recognized to this day as a leading creative influencer. Born and raised in the South Bronx, he has been hailed as a graffiti art master designer and trailblazer in the street graffiti art and urban advertising mural landscape.


A 2019 United Nations Speaker: Invited to share his Vision Protection Awareness Campaign called “Do Not Kill Your Vision, Dim the Lights and Protect Your Eyes” regarding new studies on Blue L.E.D. light dangers. The campaign is in response to his vision loss challenge, he now advocates for the low vision and blind communities.