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Seeing with the Senses Art Exhibition

by Dana Simon, June 3, 2013
Come see and even touch this new art exhibition, created by adult students from the Metropolitan Museum, drawing class called Seeing Through Drawing.
The students all have low vision or are blind, and created many of the works while listening to verbal descriptions of major works of art.
There are works in pastel, collage, tape . . .

The Art of Drawing When One is Blind or Has Low Vision

by Dana Simon, May 10, 2013

With my hand, I touch the outside, or contour, of a small ceramic jug, a container for cream. I slowly trace the curve of the rim, continuing to the pointed lip. I put down the jug, and pick up a piece of charcoal or a soft pastel. I draw round curves, recreating what I see in my mind’s eye, moving my hand across the paper, keeping pace with my inner vision.
I return to the small jug and begin again; tracing the contours of the round, squat body. But alas, when I try to return to the spot on the paper . . .

Art and Low-Vision: A Multi-Sensory Museum Experience

by Dana Simon, November 7, 2012
Why would someone with low vision choose to become an artist or feel passion about viewing and visiting
great works of art in an art museum? As a senior librarian at the Andrew Heiskell . . .